Gift Suggestion 2

The Birthday Party™ (TBC) Gift Suggestion 2

 Gift Suggestion 2 is designed for the birthday person to receive a nonperishable food item in addition to the usual gift. The nonperishable food would be donated to the local food pantry.
The Birthday Party™ (TBC) is designed for children, young adults, adults, and senior citizens. The design of TBC works for pet birthday party celebrations, too!
Celebrations can take place at any of the usual birthday party locations.
Celebrations can take place throughout the year.
On the invitations the suggested language includes:
This year, (Birthday Person’s name) is participating in The Birthday Club™, which encourages people to bring an additional gift of a nonperishable food item. (Birthday Person) will bring the food to our local food pantry. 

On the Thank You Notes, it is suggested to include the number of brown grocery bags collected at the party so that birthday party guests will know how their gifts have helped families in their community.
Listed below are some of the reasons the invitations include the suggestion of an additional gift of a nonperishable food item:
  • Use your birthday celebration to share with others.
  • Introduce the idea of supporting community members through birthday celebrations.
  • Give without knowing who specifically receives the gifts.
  • Promote awareness of hunger in our local communities.