Food Pantry Directors – Do you Want to join The Birthday Club©?

This is a free program. All the resources on the website are available for you to use. There is no additional work for you as a Food Pantry Director. The Birthday Club may be a way to increase donations to your pantry without additional work.

The Certificate of Appreciation is available on the website if you would like to print the certificate and present it to people as they bring in their donations from their TBC birthday parties but you don’t have to do this step. It is available on the website so family and friends are able to present the Certificate of Appreciation, too. this option is made available in recognition that many food pantries do not have staff to handle any additional activities. Please see Roadmap for more information.

Food Pantries that would like to be listed on this website, please email the following information: Name and address of your food pantry, contact information, hours of operation, and any special requests for types of food.

Contact Kate at 860-432-4537 for more information about joining The Birthday Club.

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