Party Themes

Theme parties for food pantries

The Birthday Club™ for food pantries can be designed in many ways. To keep things interesting year after year, the birthday person may want to determine the food theme of the birthday party. When people are engaged around a theme it can be really fun to see what gifts are received.

The birthday person could select a theme that reflects what the birthday person likes or is interested in. For example, if the birthday person really enjoys breakfast food, the Breakfast Theme for the birthday party may be selected.

There are so many possibilities for hosting The Birthday Club™ by theme.

Here are some suggestions for food party themes:

  • Baby
  • Back-to-School and snack time
  • Breakfast
  • Chinese Food
  • Clean House
  • Dessert
  • General
  • Health and Beauty Aids
  • Healthy Eating
  • Italian Dinner
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Paper
  • Pet Supplies and Food
  • Spanish Food
  • Vegetables and Fruits

Party Themes

Baby Food and Accessories

There are many families who have babies that need to utilize the services of the food pantry. The Baby Theme Party could be set up in many ways to include baby food jars, boxes of baby food, juices, diapers, rattles, biscuits and crackers for babies, formula, baby powder, baby wipes, and baby lotion.

Back-to-School and Snack Time

Many of us think about back to school time as a time for small bags of snacks. Actually, those snack size munchies come in handy throughout the year. This Back-to-School Theme party could feature small bags of pretzels, chips, granola bars, popcorn, snack size chocolate bars, jars of peanut butter, jelly and fluff, along with packaged cheese and crackers, fruit rollups, baggies, lunch bags, napkins, microwaveable popcorn, applesauce cups, raisins, and juice boxes.


There are lots of options with the Breakfast Theme Party. Birthday guests could bring boxes of cereal, oatmeal, pop tarts, cereal bowls, canned fruit, nutri-grain bars, breakfast drinks, jelly, pancake mix, maple syrup, grape juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. These birthday packages could be put together in recyclable boxes, so that a box of Cheerios, bowls, canned fruit, and apple juice could all be given together.

Chinese Food

The Chinese Food Theme Party lends itself to packages, which include canned Chinese food, noodles, rice, soy sauce, duck sauce, and chopsticks.

Clean House

The Clean House Theme is an important one for keeping the house clean. Some of the products could include sponges, Handi-Wipes, window cleaner, Comet, dusting products, floor cleaner, room air fresheners, paper towels, and SOS pads.


Some birthday children may like to host a Dessert Theme party. This type of party focuses on dessert foods. It is important for children to be aware that people, who need assistance obtaining their weekly groceries, want to provide their children with some extra special items like brownies or a birthday cake just like their parents do. This can be an especially fun Birthday Club© party to host. Some suggestions for items to donate include cake mixes, cupcake liners, cupcake tins, vegetable oil, flour, shortening, confectionary sugar, pie filling, pie crusts, brownie mixes, brownie tins, frosting, sprinkles, Jimmies, tubes of frosting, Jello, puddings, and toppings. Birthday kits could be put together with cake mix, cupcake liners and tins, along with a container of vegetable oil so that most of the ingredients needed to make cupcakes could be given together.


The birthday child may want a General Theme party where the party guests bring non-perishable items, which include the various food groups and basic household supplies.

Health and Beauty Aids

Health and Beauty Aids are essential for helping people to stay healthy and feeling good. There are many possible items to include and several ways to make them fun to bundle together. The Health and Beauty Aids Theme Party could include some of the basics such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, mouthwash, bar soap, liquid soap, deodorant, elastics, hairbrushes, hair combs, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, powder, and Chapstick.

Healthy Eating

In many areas of the world, it costs more to eat healthy. It would beneficial to have The Birthday Club© party with a Healthy Eating Theme so that the food pantry shelves could be stocked with foods focused on healthy eating. This particular theme party may be more appealing to adults. Some of the suggested foods include nonperishable Weight Watchers foods, applesauce snack cups, tunafish, low-fat mayonnaise, canned vegetables and fruits, V-8 juice, raisins and dried fruit, rice cakes, low-fat cereals, and 100-calorie popcorn and other snacks.

Italian Dinner

Italian Dinner Theme offers a lot of gift giving opportunities. All types of pasta including Spaghetti, elbows, rotini, pasta wheels, spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, canned mushrooms, Bisquick bisquit maker, parmesian cheese, as well as needed kitchen accessories such as spaghetti drainers, spaghetti tongs, could be packaged together.

Kitchen Supplies

The Kitchen Supplies Theme could range from plastic lunch bags, aluminum foil, storage bags, garbage bags, saran wrap, and wax paper to hand-held can opener, vegetable peelers, wooden spoons, and spatulas.


Paper supplies can be very expensive. The Birthday Club© Paper Theme party could include paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, lunch bags, napkins, paper plates and cups.

Pet Supplies and Food

When many of us think about a food pantry, we don’t usually think about pet food. But just like so many other families, people that are in need of food assistance may own cats or dogs that also need food. The Pet Theme Party can be especially fun for the birthday child that really enjoys pets. And there are many ways to package the gifts. Some of the needed items include cat food, dog food, dog bones, cat and dog treats, food dishes, pet combs, pet brushes, and cat litter.

Spanish Food

The Birthday child can get really creative with the Spanish Food Theme Party. Some of the gift items could be soft shell tacos, hard shell tacos, sauce, beans, and rice.

Vegetables and Fruits

Of all the food groups, many food pantries consistently run low on vegetables and fruits. The birthday child could make this a fun and challenging game for the birthday party guests by trying to get at least a can of each type of fruit and vegetable offered. For example, there may be 20 types of canned vegetables and canned fruits carried in the local supermarket. Make a game of trying to collect all the different types of fruits and vegetables. This could be an educational experience at the same time.